An email I am expecting has not arrived

Email is an essential service however if an Email you were expecting hasn't arrived there are a few things you can quickly check before asking us to investigate.

12 February 2014 Frequently Asked Questions  E-mail

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There can be a variety of reasons behind, before we investigate further, could you check the following -

  • Are other emails arriving in your inbox (ie is your email client definitely online)?  If not can you log onto webmail to check if the email has arrived?
  • Could the sender have misstyped your address?
    (Have they emailed you successfully before?)
  • Did the email have lots of attachments (ie. may they have exceeded their organisation's maximum send size)?
    (If sent by CJSM the max limit is much lower, currently around 10Mb).
  • Did the email have a zip file attached (commonly these are caught by the spam filters)?  If so and your organisation has a spam quarantine portal, log onto it to check your quarantine list and release the message.

If none of these help please contact us for further assistance.

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