How to check your AVG AntiVirus is up to date

Your antivirus application is a vital component in protecting your computer and your information from hackers, viruses and malicious software.  For Windows PCs we will typically recommend AVG and here we show you how you can quickly check that your AVG AntiVirus is up to date.

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If the AVG icon isn't showing in the notification area of your Windows Desktop (bottom) right, move your pointer over the "Show hidden icons" icon  and click.

The hidden icons will now be shown and the AVG icon should be present, move your pointer over the AVG icon and right-click to open its shortcut menu.

From the list of options, click Open AVG AntiVirus...

Open AVG AntiVirus

Note, if you don't have an AVG icon and this is your main Chambers Technology Support PC you should contact us so this can be resolved.

After a moment, the AVG CloudCare AntiVirus dashboard will be shown (see below).

AVG CloudCare AntiVirus Dashboard

Your Dashboard should indicate that You are protected

If AVG is out of date or switched off, a Fix Now button will appear - click the button so that AVG can resolve any issues. 

The AVG protection comprises of a number of components (e.g. Computer) - some (usually Software and Firewall) will be shown as Not installed which is correct, we don't use all of the AVG security components however Computer, Web and Email should all be up to date and marked as Protected .

At any point you can ask AVG to check for security updates by clicking the Protection is up-to-date button or you can use the Scan now button to check your PC.

If your AVG is reporting a problem and the Fix Now option doesn't resolve the issue, please contact us so we can resolve this for you.

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