How to free up space on your Windows 10 PC

If your Windows 10 PC is telling you that it is running low on space then here we show a quick way to remove the various temporary files and previous versions of Windows that are probably taking up a fair bit of that storage space.

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If you have a Windows PC that is telling you it is running low on space then it is likely your PC has a small storage drive (often 32GB), various temporary files and a previous build of Windows that is all contributing to the problem. 

Clearing out the temporary files and the previous build of Windows will help relieve the problem and here we show you how to go about it in a few simple steps.

Before you begin

The screens shots for what we are doing below may look slightly different on your PC (depending on which "build" of Windows you have). However, the essential details remain the same and you can follow these to help get some of your storage back again.

Windows Storage utility

First we need to open up the Windows Storage utility

  1. Click the Windows button
  2. In the Search box , type "storage"
  3. After a few moments Windows will show a list of suggestions, click the Storage - System settings options

Windows 10 - Start - Storage

Windows will now show you all the storage drives in your PC, click the This PC (C:) drive entry

Windows 10 - Storage - Drive C

A check wil now be made of the the C drive to determine how much space is being used by what.  You will need to wait a few moments whilst it works things out and once complete the sizes appear. Now scroll down to the bottom of the report .

Windows 10 - Storage - Usage by category

Near the bottom of the list there will be an entry for Temporary files, click this.

Windows 10 - Storage - Temporary Files

Depending on where you are with your versions of Windows 10, things may look slightly different but the essentials remain the same which is to clear the temporary files and also the previous versions of Windows

If your report looks like the following then tick the Temporary files and Previous version of Windows  options and click the Remove files button.

Windows 10 - Storage - Remove temporary files

If your report looks like the following, click the Delete temporary files option and click Yes, I'm sure at the prompt and then scroll down to the bottom.

Windows 10 - Storage - Delete Temporary Files - Confirm

 Now repeat for the Prevision version of Windows.

Windows 10 - Storage - Delete previous version of Windows

All done

You should now have a bit more space on your PC but bear in mind temporary files will start to build up again and each major update to your Windows will keep the previous version just in case.  This means you will probably need to repeat this process depending on the size of the storage drive in your PC and it might be worth looking at options for increasing the storage space.

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