How to secure your Blackberry

To properly secure your Blackberry you need to set a strong password and choose to encrypt the device.

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To properly secure your Blackberry you need to set a strong password and choose to encrypt the device.  You can also set to encrypt any media card in the phone but you must be sure to back up its contents regularly to pc using the Blackberry Desktop Software, otherwise if the phone become inoperable you will not be able to access its contents.  Here we show you how to secure your Blackberry with a password and to encrypt its contents.

Note, your Blackberry may have slightly different icons but the options should be as described.

To secure with a password

Depending on your device model go to Options > Security > Password, or Options > Password.

BB secure 1

BB secure 2

  1. Select Enable
  2. Now choose to Set/Change a password.
  3. Choose the Number of incorrect Password Attempts (10 max) before your BlackBerry will perform a security wipe.
  4. Set the Security Timeout. Various increments are available up to one hour.
  5. Enable "Prompt on Application Install". This will require that you enter your password when you or someone else downloads/installs an application.
  6. Allow Outgoing Calls While Locked, use default setting.
  7. Choose whether or not you want the device to lock when you put it in its Holster, we advise to lock.

    BB secure 3

To encrypt your Blackberry

  1. Depending on your device model go to Options > Security > Encryption, or Options > Security Options > Encryption.  NOTE: For some models first choose to enable Encryption, then the next couple of sections will appear.

    BB secure 4

    BB secure 5
  2. Enable to encrypt the Device Memory.
  3. Choose the Strength; Strong is sufficient for most purposes.
  4. If your device has the option for Two-Factor Protection, leave it disabled.
  5. Do not choose to encrypt Contacts or you won’t get the caller name on incoming calls.
  6. Choose to include Media Files.
  7. If you would like to include the Media Card in the encryption procoess, choose "Enabled" to encrypt the Media Card.
  8. Choose the Mode. Depending on your device model select "Device Password & Device Key” or “Security Password & Device".
  9. Choose to include Media Files (please note the advice above about backing up the contents of the media card regularly).
    BB secure 6-2
  10. You may be prompted to enter a password.
  11. You will then be asked to press keys and move around the track pad to create a random key until the bar fills (you will see the number increasing too).
  12. That's it. Do these things, and your BlackBerry and its media card files will be encrypted and secure.

When backing up your encrypted media card files to your PC, you must use the the Blackberry Desktop Software.

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