How to speed up your Safari browser

Safari is the standard Web browser for Mac computers systems and is also available for Windows PCs. To keep your browser running smoothly we have put together a few hints and tips.

02 September 2015 How to...  Apple Macs, Windows PCs

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Safari is the main Web browser for Mac operating systems, developed by Apple. Here we give you a few tips on how to speed up your browsing speed for both Windows and Mac users

Safari on the Mac

1. Reset Safari

Open the browser and click the Safari menu option at the top of the window.

Choose Reset Safari.  This deletes all personal web browsing information such as passwords, bookmarks, history and searches.



2. Empty the cache

Select Empty Cache under the Safari menu at the top of the window. Emptying the cache will remove your browsing history.


Safari for Windows

1. Faster start up

Safari checks stored bookmarks, downloads, history, favicons and other data, every time you attempt to launch the browser, if this cache is full launch speed will be decreased. To clear this cache find the Safari Library folder on your user directory or Finder.

Go to Computer > Local Disk (C:) > Program Files > Safari. It's the icons file within the folder that usually causes all the problems, you can delete this file.


2. Remove the property list file

To locate the property list file (.plist) go to Safari Library folder's preferences or in Windows search for the file with (*.plist) extension in windows explorer. You can delete this file completelty, but it also might change a few browsing settings. 

3. Delete non-Safari add-ons

Safari will display a new web page that lists all of the Safari plug-ins that are currently installed on your system.  Click the Help menu in Safari, select Installed Plug-ins. Delete those that you do not want.

Delete unwanted programs by uninstalling them with your Add/Remove Programs manager in Windows or by dragging the application to the trash on Mac OS. Follow any uninstall wizards and restart your system to guarantee removal.


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