I cannot open Office 2007+ format files (docx, xlsx, pptx)

One of our more regular queries involves dealing with documents produced using different versions of Microsoft Word or Excel.  If you have Office 2003 (PC) or Office 2004 (Mac) you can install a free convertor that will let you open and save documents created using later versions of Office.  Here we show you how.

24 April 2013 Frequently Asked Questions  Microsoft Office

You must have an Office version of 2003 or earlier for pc or 2004 or earlier for Mac.  Starting with Office 2007 for pc and 2008 for Mac, Microsoft introduced new file formats for each of their packages.

To open these later format files, you need to install the Office OpenXML file format converter update.

Ahead of downloading and installing the relevant update below, please close all Office programs.

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