Must have applications for Legal Practitioners

The number of apps available for busy Barristers is growing with practitioners looking to become more efficient. We take a look at a few of the best legal applications currently available from the Android Play and Apple Stores, covering virtual secretaries to legal libraries.

22 July 2015 Discovery  Smartphones & Tablets

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The number of applications available for busy Barristers is growing, practitioners no longer want to be tied to their desks and are looking to become more efficient. The legal systems endless paper work trail mean that Barrister have to wade through huge volume of material on a daily basis. There are various phone and tablet applications which can put you one step ahead of your competitors and assist the environment by becoming paperless.

We take a look at the best of the legal applications currently available from the Android Play Store and Apple store, covering virtual secretaries to legal libraries.

Documents to Go

docs to go

The number one selling application for managing your Office files, is a must have for iOS & Android users. It will enable you to view all documents created in MS Office this includes modifying pdf files and excel spreadsheet. Importantly, you can now get the ‘Documents to Go’ desktop application. This means that modifications made on your smartphone or tablet will be reflected in the master document stored on the desktop, relieving the last-minute agonies of checking whether you are about to email a colleague the latest version of a document. Free versions are available for iOS and android.


Drop Box


Drop Box has almost become a household name, you’re probably blissfully unaware your using it. It is becoming almost as common to offer to send files by Drop Box as by email, with the added advantage that it’s easier to send large case files as well as (photos and video or audio files). Anything stored in your Drop Box files can be viewed and managed on any device with changes made to documents reflected throughout. It’s also effectively a cloud storage facility and if the worst happens to your machine, files can be retrieved elsewhere. Free, with a pro version available for a monthly fee.


Court Search

court search

Court Search is the kind of application for which previous generations of Barristers would happily have sold their souls. A portable guide to details on every court in England and Wales. You can access information on every single court’s location details (including a map and driving directions by Google Navigate), opening hours, contact names and phone numbers, email addresses and Crown Court case details. The best part is that the app provides details of the nearest available parking.


Halsbury’s Legal Terms


This one is only available for existing subscribers to LexisNexis services but it’s well worth signing up. It’s like carrying in your pocket the whole of Halsbury’s Laws of England, and enables you to instantly search for the full range of legal terms and topics, including legislation where terms were defined, and related case law. No more being caught out by unfamiliar terms and phrases or worrying that your memory might fail just as a client asks a particularly probing question.


Dragon Dictation for iPhone (free)


Dragon Dictation is an easy-to-use voice recognition application powered by Dragon NaturallySpeaking that allows you to easily speak and instantly see your text or email messages. As free applications go, Dragon Dictation for iPhone does a good job in its main purpose, transcribing what you say aloud. But it doesn't go much beyond that, for dictation and full word formatting the full Dragon dictation package is far superior.




Most Barristers will already have an application which effectively turns a smartphone into a Dictaphone, but the Sound Note app goes one step further. Designed for iOS, it tracks what you type and draw while recording what you were listening to at the time, like a real-time replay of meetings and case conferences. If your meeting notes are incomprehensible Sound note is for you, you can simply tap what you wrote, and Sound Note will play the audio. It also means you need no longer sit through half an hour of irrelevant audio before finally finding what you need.




TrialPad for the iPad is a powerful tool for organizing case presentations for the courtroom. TrialPad was specifically designed by lawyers for use in the courtroom. TrialPad enables practitioners to organize, annotate, and manage their case files for court hearings, jury trials, mediation presentations, and other settings. To use a document or photo in Trial Pad, it merely needs to be converted to a format compatible with Adobe PDF. Along with tools such as highlight, redline, and redact, TrialPad allows you to display images and exhibits using a projector or a monitor.




IAnnotate is a PDF reader and annotation tool providing more power than most annotation applications. The iAnnotate app is one of the most important iPad tools for practitioners who want to go paperless because of the ease in which you can open documents from email, fill out forms, sign contracts, make notes, and mark documents through highlighting or underlining. If you make a mistake, just erase it with Undo, Redo, or Erase. The app can import Word and PowerPoint documents, and converts websites into PDF documents. Annotations can be "flattened" into the PDF so that no one can modify them after you send them out, and you can tab through multiple open documents.

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