VPN connection issues for Virgin Media Superhub users

If your broadband is provided by Virgin and they have given you nice shiny SuperHub to use, you may find that your remote access connection (VPN) stops working all of a sudden.  Not to worry, it only takes a few minutes to sort out and we show you how.

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Virgin occasionally send updates for its SuberHub's that then block outgoing VPN (Virtual Private Network) connections which you may already use to access Chambers Technology Support.  Often there is no obvious warning that this is about to happen and so you may suddenly find that your CTS VPN connection stops working.

Not to worry, you can easily fix this yourself as follows:

  1. At home, open your web browser and enter the address
  2. When prompted, for a "Super Hub username", enter "admin"
  3. And for the Super Hub password, enter "changeme" (or the password that you set)
  4. If the password was left at default (i.e. changeme) you will receive a security warning, click the OK button.
  5. Click the Advanced Settings button.
  6. Scroll down and click Firewall under the Security heading.
  7. Tick the boxes next to "IPSec Pass-Through" and "PPTP Pass-through" under the Pass-through heading.
  8. Click the Apply button.
  9. Click the Sign Out button at the top right.
  10. Close the browser window.
  11. Now try your VPN connection again.

If the "IPSec Pass-Through" and "PPTP Pass-through" boxes were already ticked, untick the boxes, click the Apply button.  Tick the boxes again and click Apply and then try your VPN connection again.

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