What you need to know about the new CJSM Webmail service

CJSM are introducing a new version of the Webmail service which provides a number of welcome improvements.  For those using the Webmail service we have put together a short article to explain what's new, what hasn't changed and any common questions and answers.  Even if you use CJSM through your own Email application it may well be worth a read as you can use Webmail in combination with your existing set up.

14 December 2017 Getting Started  CJSM

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The CJSM Webmail service is getting a substantial makeover which sees mailbox sizes increased to 500MB as standard, the introduction of enhanced functionality such as email to folder drag and drop, address auto-complete as well as an improved mobile experience.  Here we highlight a few of these new features, things to be aware of and answer some commonly asked questions and answers about the new service.

What's new?

There are quite a few changes to the new Webmail service with perhaps the most obvious being that it looks very different.  The new Webmail service will look a lot more modern and will be making use of various new technologies as well an improved design to make the service easier to use.

  • 500MB mailboxes as standard
    Up from the previous maximum of 100MB - yey!  You can also request from your CJSM Administrator that your Mailbox be increased to 1,000MB (1GB).
  • Self-service password reset
    No more waiting around for your CJSM administrator to reset your password. A "Can't Login" option on the CJSM Webmail login screen will take you through the process of getting you back into your CJSM account - see http://cjsm.justice.gov.uk/training/training/1.1.2.html)
  • Built-in spell checker
    As you type, items that may be mis-spelt will be underlined in red - click on the word to choose a replacement.
  • Better folder management
    You can now drag and drop messages between folders so no excuses for not being organised!
  • Sharing of folders with other CJSM users
    In addition to improved folder management you can now share a folder with someone else on the CJSM system and decide what they can do with the contents of the folder (e.g. just read items, or add new items) - see http://cjsm.justice.gov.uk/training/training/2.2.2.html
  • Distribution Lists
    If you are working on a case with a number of people you can create a personal distribution list to save you having to enter all their Email addresses whenever you need to Email them.
  • Autosaving of draft messages
    Messages you are drafting are automatically saved every 5 minutes.
  • Customisation options
    There are quite a few new customisation options for including the ability to set webmail to optimise it for use with a wider screen, open messages in a new window (worth setting), set the type face and size, adding a signature and plenty more.

What's the same?

There are a few important aspects of CJSM which haven't changed but worth knowing about including:

  • Passwords still expire every 90 days
    Yes, sorry folks, that is how it is but bear in mind you can now use the Self-service reset option (see previous section) to get yourself back in again.
  • Accounts still lock after 3 unsuccessful login attempts
    This also remains I afraid - 3 is really very low for any service but again the self-service reset option will get you out of trouble.
  • Automatic message management (aka filters)
    Nothing new here but worth looking into as you can have the service automatically do things with specific messages.  For example, messages from a certain person can automatically be moved to a specific folder.

Where to go for more information

CJSM have produce a number of short videos (note no sound) which cover the basics of the service and getting started with the new features and these can be found here:

There is also a PDF Webmail user guide but the videos provide much more information on how to use the service.

Questions and Answers

As the service is only just launching we don't have too much in the way of common questions and answers however the following may be useful and we will be adding more as we come across queries.

Do I have a new CJSM username or password?

No, you use exactly the same details as before.

I use the POP CJSM mail service - do I need to do anything?

No, you don't need to make any changes to your computer when the new service starts however it is recommended you try the new Webmail as you will be able to use the self-service reset option to unlock your account.

Where is my old Email?

The new service will not be bringing across E-mail from the old service however you can access it using via the website https://legacy.cjsm.net (you will use the same login details as new service).

See this video for more details: http://cjsm.justice.gov.uk/training/training/1.2.10.html

How to I get my old Email into the new Email mailbox?

With difficulty!  Our understanding is access to the old Email will be retained for a period of time but at some point it is going to stop so you may want to get the Email moved across. 

If you have a small number of items (likely given the size of the old CJSM mailboxes!) it is probably easier just to Email them to yourselves and they should then appear in the new mailbox (note we haven't been able to test this yet).

If you have hundreds of items and the will to live is rapidly diminishing, let us know and we may be able to do something but we won't know until we also get access to the new system.

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