Our briefings provide you with the essentials needed to understand various aspects of technology, its use and application. Packed with background information and written by experienced IT Managers, these articles will get you up to speed quickly.

Briefing - Article

CTS Client Satisfaction - Pie Chart

Our Support Service Statistics

Curious about how many requests we deal with or what the results of our client surveys are?  Here you can find various regularly updated statistics on our work and performance.

7 Jul 2016 • 471 views

Pink Ribbon and USB Drive - Article

Hello Digital Court, goodbye Pink Ribbon

The Criminal Justice System Efficiency Programme and in particular the roll out of its Digital Court System initiative means the days of the pink ribbon are numbered and for those affected you need to be taking action now.

8 Jan 2016 • 471 views

Keyboard Do Not Panic - Article

Court Wi-Fi - the Next Chapter

With the majority of Crown and Combined courts across England and Wales now having working Wi-Fi, make sure you have signed up for the service as the Digital Case System is coming and Wi-Fi access is essential.

7 Jan 2016 • 471 views

Businessman Figure on Circuit-board - Article

Sample Technology Usage Policy

It is vital that your business has a technology usage policy to protect both the business and staff.  This also helps your staff understand their responsibilities and that the technology is provided for the purposes of the business.  Here you can find a sample technology usage policy which covers the basics and should provide a good starting point when you are looking to put something in place.

8 Sep 2015 • 471 views

WWW Concept - Article

.london calling - do you really need the .london domain?

The new .london domain name has become available offering everyone the "exciting" and "once in a lifetime" opportunity to register domain names with the .london suffix.  However before you dive in, ask yourself whether you really need a .london domain name. 

29 Jul 2014 • 471 views

Security - Article

The Good Password Guide

Choosing good passwords is vital, ultimately they are what identifies you as you and they protect your information.  Here we provide you with guidance on how to choose and keep secret "good" passwords.

10 Sep 2012 • 471 views