Your technology offers you all kinds of ways to make your life easier and we want to show you things you may not yet have discovered that may well make your day.

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What is Blockchain?

With headlines often dominated by Bitcoins, it is Blockchain that is where the real interest and potential is but what is Blockchain? Here we offer a very general explaination of what Blockchain is, why it is important and how it might be used.

30 Mar 2016 • 408 views

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Web Tools

Here we have a selection of links to services that provide information about your connection, provider status as well as information about domains and other Internet related details.

11 Mar 2016 • 408 views

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What Is a Firewall and What Does It Do?

A firewall is an essential ingredient in the recipe for successful information security but what actually is a firewall, what does it do and how?

23 Feb 2016 • 408 views

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ECHO Conference Rooms

The ECHO Conference Room Manager allows you to book conference resources such as rooms as well as facilities (e.g. telephone conferences).  Here we explain the different types of conference room that are available.

10 Feb 2016 • 408 views

Free Dictation using your PC or Mac

Dictation has been an essential tool for many professionals looking to turn their thoughts into text and saving their fingers all that work. The power of modern devices means you are probably already carrying around a dictation application in your pocket already but did you know that your computer also includes a free dictation system that lets you talk and it will type? Here were introduce you to three free dictation applications.

6 Aug 2015 • 408 views

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Must have applications for Legal Practitioners

The number of apps available for busy Barristers is growing with practitioners looking to become more efficient. We take a look at a few of the best legal applications currently available from the Android Play and Apple Stores, covering virtual secretaries to legal libraries.

22 Jul 2015 • 408 views

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What is BarCAT?

BarCAT is a system for ensuring a Barristers' Chambers can easily manage its requirement to ensure that lay clients are informed of their right to complain. The system will ask the instructing solicitor how the client is to be informed of that right and responses can be reported on to demonstrate Chambers' compliance.

3 Jun 2015 • 408 views

Microsoft Excel - Article

Top Excel Tips and tricks to make your life easier.

Once we perform an action in Excel, we tend to use the same method over and over again. There may well be an easier way to perform the same task but it requires time and patience to learn.

11 Mar 2015 • 408 views

Managing messages using rules in Outlook

A rule is an action that Microsoft Outlook runs automatically on incoming or outgoing messages, based on conditions that you have specified.

11 Mar 2015 • 408 views

Microsoft Windows - Article

Windows 10 has arrived and it is free! What you need to know first.

On July 29th 2015 Microsoft launched the next version of its Windows Operating System, Windows 10 and along with the welcome return of the Start Menu it will come with a whole range of new features.  Here we highlight just a few of the key features of Windows 10 including the free upgrade.

6 Feb 2015 • 408 views

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A guided tour of your computer ports

Just take a look at the back of your desktop computer or around the sides of your laptop and you will find a bewildering selection of holes and slots usually accompanied by strange symbols and heiroglyphics next to each.  What each of these is for can often be a mystery so here we are going to provide you with a crash course in what each of these little holes is used for and who knows, possibly open up a whole range for how you use your computer.

3 Feb 2015 • 408 views

Microsoft Office - Article

The need to click Save in Microsoft Office

Modern versions of Office (Word/Excel/Powerpoint) include a feature called AUTORECOVER which you will already be using and saves a copy of your work every few minutes (standard setting is every 10 mins but this can be altered).

17 Jun 2013 • 408 views