Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question then you have come to the right place. In our Frequently Asked Questions you can find the answers to those questions that regularly get asked.

Man Laptop Confused - Article

Security - Article

Do I need an antivirus app for my iPhone or iPad?

The prevasive mantra of an antivirus application on everything suggests you would also need an antivirus app on your iPhone or iPad - but do you?  In this brief article we look at this topic, suggest some other articles to read and offer our own view (you don't need it in most cases).

16 Aug 2018 • 1145 views

Article - Antivirus

WannaCrypt Ransomware

You will be undoubtedly aware of the large scale infection of many high profile organisations with a ransomware virus known as WannaCrypt. Ransomware encrypts your files (primarily document files) and then demands a fee for the decryption code. No matter what kind of computer (PC or Mac) or device you are using it is important you are aware of this issue and what you need to be doing.

15 May 2017 • 1145 views

Man Laptop Confused - Article

Support and Services Price List

We offer a wide variety of services and flexible ways to be charged for our work.  Here you will find our price list for 2017 which covers the most common support and services we provide.  We have also included the answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions (at the end) on the charges and how they apply.

21 Mar 2017 • 1145 views

Article - Antivirus

I am looking for a free virus checker for my Windows PC or Mac, what would you suggest?

No virus checker?  Oh dear, you are inviting trouble especially as there are plenty of free and perfectly good virus checkers out there for your PC or Mac.  Here we highlight three we regularly recommend and look briefly at the pro's and con's against the paid versions.

7 Jun 2016 • 1145 views

Article - Spam Folder

I am getting a lot more spam than usual, what's going on?

If you are getting more spam than usual it can seem that something is going wrong somewhere but this is rarely the case and it is usually the result of the technical cat and mouse game played by the spammers.  Here we explain a bit more about what is going on.

7 Jun 2016 • 1145 views

Jump Leads - Article


If you are looking for a particular utility or printer drivers for Chambers Technology Support then the downloads area may well have what you are looking for. 

22 Feb 2016 • 1145 views

CJSM - Article

I Get an Error When Accessing CJSM Using Google Chrome

The latest update to Google Chrome no longer includes support for older security protocols still in use by the CJSM Web site.  There are a few options to deal with this problem including going back to your previous version of Google Chrome.

26 Jan 2016 • 1145 views

Microsoft Windows - Article

I cannot edit the IPv4 properties on a Windows 10 PPTP VPN

With the arrival of Windows 10 there are bound to be a few small problems and one we have encountered is configuring the IPv4 properties of a PPTP connection, in particular being able to configure the default gateway.  In this short article we show how you can adjust these settings.

10 Aug 2015 • 1145 views

Windows 10 - Frequently Asked Questions

With Windows 10 arriving we are starting to get queries about the new operating system, how to upgrade, what it offers and how to do things. To make things easier we have put together this Frequently Asked Questions article along with the answers which we hope you will find useful.

31 Jul 2015 • 1145 views

Placeholder - Article

I have some CDs/DVDs that need to be copied, can you help?

With material in legal matters increasingly being passed around in electronic form, CDs and DVDs are often used to store the material and you may find you need to make additional copies for yourself or other parties.  This short article explains how we can help.

25 Jun 2014 • 1145 views

Microsoft Excel - Article

Excel and Word won't let me use my dual screens

One of the delights of dual screens is being able to view Excel spreadsheets or Word documents side by side to compare and edit but how do you get each file to show on a different screen - we explain.

6 Mar 2014 • 1145 views

Emails with ZIP file attachments keep getting quarantined

The CTS message filtering/security system has been configured so that all E-mails with ZIP files attached are quarantined - i.e. they are held within the spam filtering system and not delivered to your mailbox.

26 Feb 2014 • 1145 views

My email(s) have disappeared

It is very troubling when emails disappear.  It can lead to suspicions including that there is a fault with the email server or that a hacker or other person has accessed your account, but this is very rarely the case. 

12 Feb 2014 • 1145 views

I have received a delivery delayed error message after sending an email

You have received a message saying "Delivery Status Notification (Delay)" after receiving a message.  What next?

12 Feb 2014 • 1145 views

Keyboard Do Not Panic - Article

An email I am expecting has not arrived

Email is an essential service however if an Email you were expecting hasn't arrived there are a few things you can quickly check before asking us to investigate.

12 Feb 2014 • 1145 views

I have received an email with lots of attachments. Do I have to save them all one at a time?

If using Outlook, they can all be saved at once to a folder of your choosing very easily.

12 Feb 2014 • 1145 views

I cannot connect to my computer at work/Chambers.

Many members and staff work remotely on their computers from home and other locations by using a vpn (virtual private network) connection to chambers and then using the Microsoft Remote Desktop connection software to connect to the pc.

12 Feb 2014 • 1145 views

Webmail or another website looks strange or only the light version of webmail now available

If your Internet Explorer browser has updated itself to version 11, this forces Exchange 2010 webmail to display in the 'light' version with less options and other websites to display strangely. 

2 Jan 2014 • 1145 views

Security - Article

I have received a .switch file attachment, how do I open it?

Received an Email with a .switch file attachment but your computer can't open it?  Switch is a secure Email service and there are a couple of options for working with these attachments.

11 Oct 2013 • 1145 views

Networkmen - Article

VPN connection issues for Virgin Media Superhub users

If your broadband is provided by Virgin and they have given you nice shiny SuperHub to use, you may find that your remote access connection (VPN) stops working all of a sudden.  Not to worry, it only takes a few minutes to sort out and we show you how.

9 Aug 2013 • 1145 views

I cannot open Office 2007+ format files (docx, xlsx, pptx)

One of our more regular queries involves dealing with documents produced using different versions of Microsoft Word or Excel.  If you have Office 2003 (PC) or Office 2004 (Mac) you can install a free convertor that will let you open and save documents created using later versions of Office.  Here we show you how.

24 Apr 2013 • 1145 views

Businessman Figure on Circuit-board - Article

Services & Support - FAQ

23 Apr 2013 • 1145 views

Businessman Figure on Circuit-board - Article

Services & Support - Schedule

18 Apr 2013 • 1145 views

CJSM - Article

Why has my CJSM E-mail bounced back?

If you send an E-mail to someone else using the CJSM service and the message "bounces-back" it can be difficult to work out why the message has come back. We explain what to look for in the bounce-back message and what needs to be done to get your message through.

8 Feb 2013 • 1145 views

Random things are happening when using my computer, what should I do?

If when you are using your computer random letters are appearing that you did not press or items are selected without you choosing anything this usually indicates a problem with your keyboard or your trackpad (for laptops). 

30 Dec 2012 • 1145 views

What to do if CTS E-mail isn't being automatically forwarded to your personal account

If you have E-mail automatically forwarded from your CTS account to your personal E-mail account and messages do not appear to be being forwarded there are a few things you can check before getting in contact with us.

7 Nov 2012 • 1145 views

Keyboard Do Not Panic - Article

My mouse pointer is misbehaving, what should I do?

Depending on what kind of computer you are using you may have a mouse or a trackpad to control the cursor and sometimes it may stop working or behave erratically. Here we explain a few things you can try to either resolve the problem yourself or help narrow down the cause of the problem.

8 Oct 2012 • 1145 views

Networkmen - Article

Our Pricing Policy

We are committed to following a clear policy for the pricing of the goods and services we supply to our customers and here we describe the pricing policy of the company, detailing how charges are calculated, how price adjustments are determined and any variations required for particular circumstances.

27 Sep 2012 • 1145 views

Pink Ribbon and USB Drive - Article

What are the attachment size limits for our E-mail?

All E-mail systems place a limit on the total size of the items attached to a single message.  These limits will vary depending on the E-mail system and how it has been configured by its administrators/providers.  Here we explain more about attachment limits and what to do if you are encountering such problems.

23 Sep 2012 • 1145 views

My home Internet connection seems to be unreliable, what should I check?

If you have encountering problems with the reliabilty or performance of your home Internet connection there are a few simple steps you can follow to work out where the problem is before you need to call your service provider.

21 Sep 2012 • 1145 views

Woman Holding iPad Mini - Article

I am not receiving E-mail on my phone or tablet - what should I do?

If E-mail to your smartphone has stopped or is only working intermittently there are a few basic checks you can easily do yourself.

11 Sep 2012 • 1145 views

Keyboard Do Not Panic - Article

My email address is being used to send out spam, what should I do?

Getting an avalanche of "undeliverable" Email messages from strangers may give the impression that your E-mail account or the E-mail system has been "hacked".  Often this isn't the case and here we explain a bit more about what is going on and how we deal with such problems.

10 Apr 2012 • 1145 views