In this interconnected world where we move from place to place, application to application, sharing and collaborating keeping you secure it vital and here we offer plenty of guidance to help you.

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Beware of the fake sign-in websites

Increasingly individuals are being encouraged, usually through an Email or SMS, to sign into a commonly used service (for example their Apple or Google accounts) and the login page is a fake. If you enter your details you will find your account has been compromised as your logon details are passed on to someone else. Here we explain about this kind of attack, what to do to avoid it and what to do if you have fallen victim to it.

5 Aug 2016 • 361 views

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Security Alert - Fake Microsoft Sign-In message

You may receive an Email, claiming to be from Microsoft, advising that there has been an unusual signin to your Microsoft account.  This fake message, based on a genuine notification from Microsoft, by its nature encourages you to check this activity but in doing so it directs you to a fake site to log in to your Microsoft account.

12 Jul 2016 • 361 views

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Security Alert - Apple ID Phishing Text Message

In a new variation on the phishing scam, you may receive a text message, claiming to be from Apple Support, with your name and advising that your Apple ID has been deactivated and that you need to confirm the ID to prevent deletion.

11 Apr 2016 • 361 views

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Keeping One Step Ahead of the Next Threat

One in three people don't set a password on their phone.  We know you of course have a password on your phone but just in case keeping yourself one step ahead of the next threat or avoiding those currently doing the rounds is all about these few common sense precautions.

11 Feb 2016 • 361 views

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Why Does My CJSM Account Keep Locking?

On a day to day basis you may find your CJSM account locked for no particular reason. Here we explain a bit more about what is happening and what you can do.

4 Feb 2016 • 361 views

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Beware of the Man in the Middle

"Man in the Middle" attacks are on the rise with fraudsters making a B line straight to your financial staff.  Have you got measures in place to defend against this type of fraud?

14 Jan 2016 • 361 views

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CJSM Terms & Conditions

Whatever you use CJSM for you are bound by it's terms and conditions but have you actually read them? Do you know what your responsibilities and obligations are?  Not sure? Here you can find links to the Terms & Conditions and we have also highlighted a few things of particular importance.

12 Nov 2015 • 361 views

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How to spot fake E-mail messages

Those keen to get you to divulge your personal/financial information are always looking for new ways to get you reading and responding to their E-mails. Spam filters do a great job and will block the majority of spam and fake messages but inevitably some still gets through. Here we explain some of the things to look for to help you spot the fake messages from the genuine.

15 Jul 2014 • 361 views

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Someone saying they were from Microsoft/Apple called me at home

Fraudsters are constantly looking for new ways to get you to part with your money and one common trick is to call claiming to be from Microsoft or Apple and to help you fix a "problem" on your computer.  Find out more about they are up to and how to avoid being caught out.

12 Feb 2014 • 361 views

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Gone Phishing - How to avoid being caught hook, line & sinker

For those who are late to class "phishing" is the use of fraudulent (but plausible looking) emails and websites which try to persuade the gullible to hand over their bank or credit card details to criminals.� Here we briefly explain how to recognise the phishing attempts and you need to be doing to prevent them getting to you.

2 Sep 2013 • 361 views

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How to secure your iPhone or iPad

We cannot empahsise strongly enough how important it is that you set a good passcode on your iPhone or iPad - more than just simply 4 digits (though this is better than no passcode at all).  Here we show you how to set a good passcode and also configure your device to erase itself should too many attempts be made.

23 Mar 2012 • 361 views

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Encrypting your computer

It is strongly recommended that you have your computer encrypted to keep the contents secure in the event that it is lost or stolen and here we explain what your options are.

27 Feb 2012 • 361 views