Support and Services Price List

We offer a wide variety of services and flexible ways to be charged for our work.  Here you will find our price list for 2017 which covers the most common support and services we provide.  We have also included the answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions (at the end) on the charges and how they apply.

21 March 2017 Frequently Asked Questions  Getting Support

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We offer a wide variety of services and flexible ways to be charged for our work.  Here you will find our price list for 2017 which covers the most common support and services we provide.

Pay As You Go Desktop Support

Below are our standard Pay As You Go Support charges for those not on a Desktop Support Subscription.  We charge per minute and the per minute rate reduces for longer matters.  Desktop Support covers anything done in your office/at your desk and includes work relating to mobile devices, printers etc.

Time Charge (£) Time Charge (£) Time Charge (£)
5 min 5.38 30 min 22.25 90 min 62.75
10 min 8.75 45 min 32.38 120 min 83.00
15 min 12.13 60 min 42.50 180 min 123.50
20 min 15.50 75 min 52.63 240 min 164.00

Pay As You Go for other work

For other types of support work different charges apply depending on the complexity or skills or tools required. The main types of work are listed below and associated with each is a multiplier which should be applied to the Pay As You Go Desktop support charges above.  For example, 30 mins of Data Recovery work would be charged at twice the Desktop Support rate.

Data Recovery
If you have a faulty hard drive or have a corrupt USB drive we may be able to help you before resorting to forensic recovery professionals.  We can assess the item and advise you or and in many cases recover key files and folders for you using the tools we have available.


Case Support
We are able to provide expert help in the use of applications such as Excel to help you analyse, present and work with evidence and other information.  Such work falls outside the normal day to day support and so is chargeable.


Personal Support
If you are on a support subscription this only covers equipment associated with your work.  Support for home/personal devices or those of family will be charged as personal support work.


Fixed Price Services

We also offer a number of our services on a fixed price basis to make it easier to understand how much a particular item of work will cost.  The most common fixed price services and charges are listed below:

PC/Mac Provisioning Charge
This covers the time required to help you select the right computer, organise the purchasing and delivery and then all the work needed to set up the new computer with your day to day apps as well as adding any Chambers Technology Support services such as printers and copying across documents and folders.  Any additional personal items (such as iTunes transfer) we may charge for.


PC/Mac Refresh Charge
If your PC/Mac needs to have its operating system and applications re-installed (for example if you are looking to sell the computer) this charge covers the time required to make any backup required, securely wipe the computer and then re-install the operating system and Microsoft Office (if the license details are available).  Any personal items (such as iTunes re-installation) we may charge for.


CD/DVD Duplication
If you need to have one or more CD's or DVD's duplicated we have a duplication machine which can speed up the process however with a large number of CD/DVDs this can still take a while to complete and so we charge for each copy produced.  Note if a large number are required we will discuss alternative options with you beforehand.  The copy will include a sleeve and we will endeavour to reproduce any labels on the originals however this cannot be guaranteed.


Voice/Data Socket Replacement
If a voice/data socket needs to be replace we charge a fixed price for this service as this will include the required components as well as full testing of the replaced sockets.


Laptop Loan
If your computer (PC or Mac) developes a fault and you don't have anything suitable to use we will, providing we have something available, give you a loan machine for up to 2 weeks to use whilst we are working on yours.


Laptop Hire
If you need a laptop (PC or Mac) for an event or other activity and you do not have one of your own to use we have several laptops available for hire.  All will come with Microsoft Office (2010 or later) and they are usually delivered on the same day requested.  It is recommend however you book well in advance to ensure we have something available and it is delivered in time.


Equipment Disposal

If you have equipment that needs to be disposed of we can thaqt it is dealt with in a safe, secure and environmentally responsible manner.  The following lists the charges for the disposal of various common items:

Desktop Computer Disposal


Laptop Computer Disposal


Tablet/Mobile Phone


Server Disposal


Hard Drive (Crushed)


Printer (Large Format)


Printer (Standard)


UPS Battery


Display (CRT)


Display (LCD)


Other Items (per box)


Corrections or suggestions

Secure USB Flash Drive

Kingston DataTraveler Locker+ 16GB USB Flash Drive

Kingston DataTraveler Locker+ G2

Secure USB Hard Drive

Western Digital MyPassport 1TB USB Drive

Western Digital MyPassport 1TB