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Curious about how many requests we deal with or what the results of our client surveys are?  Here you can find various regularly updated statistics on our work and performance.

07 July 2016 Briefings  Getting Support

CTS Client Satisfaction - Pie Chart

What you can find here

We believe it is important to share information about how we are performing and statistics about the work we are doing.  Here you can find a variety of charts and tables providing regularly updated details about the number of requests we have dealt with, our satisfaction ratings as well as other information you may find interesting or useful.  A commentary is also provided to explain the background to the figures and trends we are seeing.

The information on this page was last updated on 25 October. The next update will be early next month.

Requests Received

The chart below shows the number of requests we have received each month along with a moving 12 month average (red).

CTS Client Requests - Bar Chart

What does this tell us?

Our experience is that all clients systems and services are operating well, clients themselves are busy and are making use of self-support capabilities and so we expect the overall long term trend to be a continued steady reduction in requests to the helpdesk.

After the usual slow down over the summer we saw a jump in the number of requests in September which is the result of taking over from the internal support of one of our clients.

Survey Results

We randomly send out a survey when a request is completed asking the individual a number of questions about how we performed on that occasion. The overall satisfaction rating is an average of the past 3 months and is the average of the answers received over each month to determine how satisfied people are with the service being provided.

Below shows our average (to end September 2017) satisfaction rating for past three months:

CTS Client Satisfaction - Pie Chart

The chart below shows the monthly satisfaction ratings from January 2016.

CTS Client Satisfaction - Bar Chart

What does this tell us?

There was a a disappointing drop in the satisfaction level in July which was due to a very low number of surveys being received along with a particularly taxing issue relating to wireless service in a very small area of a client's building.  This issue has been resolved now and satisfaction ratings for August and September were over 97% and we are expecting that to remain the case going forwards.

Charitable Giving

As a thank you, for every survey received we make a donation to a nominated charity and to date we have donated £901.

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