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Emails with ZIP file attachments keep getting quarantined

The CTS message filtering/security system has been configured so that all E-mails with ZIP files attached are quarantined - i.e. they are held within the spam filtering system and not delivered to your mailbox.

26 Feb 2014 • 368 views

I have received an email with lots of attachments. Do I have to save them all one at a time?

If using Outlook, they can all be saved at once to a folder of your choosing very easily.

12 Feb 2014 • 368 views

Security - Article

I have received a .switch file attachment, how do I open it?

Received an Email with a .switch file attachment but your computer can't open it?  Switch is a secure Email service and there are a couple of options for working with these attachments.

11 Oct 2013 • 368 views

Pink Ribbon and USB Drive - Article

What are the attachment size limits for our E-mail?

All E-mail systems place a limit on the total size of the items attached to a single message.  These limits will vary depending on the E-mail system and how it has been configured by its administrators/providers.  Here we explain more about attachment limits and what to do if you are encountering such problems.

23 Sep 2012 • 368 views