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Microsoft Outlook - Article

How to see who is an Chambers Technology Support Email Distribution List using Microsoft Outlook

If you need to know who is in an Email Distribution list, Microsoft Outlook provides you with several ways you can see the membership and here we show you how along with how to address an Email to the list but exclude chosen members.

13 Mar 2017 • 504 views

Security - Article

Beefing up your Chambers Technology Support Email Security

Access to your Chambers Technology Support Email is secured by a logon ID and a password but ID's are easy to guess and there are various ways your password could be found out so to deal with possibility, an additional layer of security can be added to your Email account.  Here we explain what this is, why it is needed and how you can get started using it.

27 Jan 2017 • 504 views

Keyboard Do Not Panic - Article

Beware of the fake sign-in websites

Increasingly individuals are being encouraged, usually through an Email or SMS, to sign into a commonly used service (for example their Apple or Google accounts) and the login page is a fake. If you enter your details you will find your account has been compromised as your logon details are passed on to someone else. Here we explain about this kind of attack, what to do to avoid it and what to do if you have fallen victim to it.

5 Aug 2016 • 504 views

Article - Spam Folder

I am getting a lot more spam than usual, what's going on?

If you are getting more spam than usual it can seem that something is going wrong somewhere but this is rarely the case and it is usually the result of the technical cat and mouse game played by the spammers.  Here we explain a bit more about what is going on.

7 Jun 2016 • 504 views

Microsoft Outlook - Article

How to archive your email with Outlook 2013

If you need to take a backup of your Chambers Technology Support E-mail then Microsoft Outlook can be used to download the E-mail into a Personal Folder (PST) file. Here were explain how to take a backup of your E-mail using Microsoft Oulook 2013.

25 Jun 2015 • 504 views

Editor Writing - Article

How to change the BarCAT Notification Email Address

When a solicitor indicates that they wish Chambers to notify the lay client of their right to complain, BarCAT will send a notification Email to a designated address.  In this article we show you how to change the notification Email address.

18 Jun 2015 • 504 views

Security - Article

How to spot fake E-mail messages

Those keen to get you to divulge your personal/financial information are always looking for new ways to get you reading and responding to their E-mails. Spam filters do a great job and will block the majority of spam and fake messages but inevitably some still gets through. Here we explain some of the things to look for to help you spot the fake messages from the genuine.

15 Jul 2014 • 504 views

Emails with ZIP file attachments keep getting quarantined

The CTS message filtering/security system has been configured so that all E-mails with ZIP files attached are quarantined - i.e. they are held within the spam filtering system and not delivered to your mailbox.

26 Feb 2014 • 504 views

My email(s) have disappeared

It is very troubling when emails disappear.  It can lead to suspicions including that there is a fault with the email server or that a hacker or other person has accessed your account, but this is very rarely the case. 

12 Feb 2014 • 504 views

I have received a delivery delayed error message after sending an email

You have received a message saying "Delivery Status Notification (Delay)" after receiving a message.  What next?

12 Feb 2014 • 504 views

Keyboard Do Not Panic - Article

An email I am expecting has not arrived

Email is an essential service however if an Email you were expecting hasn't arrived there are a few things you can quickly check before asking us to investigate.

12 Feb 2014 • 504 views

I have received an email with lots of attachments. Do I have to save them all one at a time?

If using Outlook, they can all be saved at once to a folder of your choosing very easily.

12 Feb 2014 • 504 views

Webmail or another website looks strange or only the light version of webmail now available

If your Internet Explorer browser has updated itself to version 11, this forces Exchange 2010 webmail to display in the 'light' version with less options and other websites to display strangely. 

2 Jan 2014 • 504 views

Security - Article

I have received a .switch file attachment, how do I open it?

Received an Email with a .switch file attachment but your computer can't open it?  Switch is a secure Email service and there are a couple of options for working with these attachments.

11 Oct 2013 • 504 views

Security - Article

Gone Phishing - How to avoid being caught hook, line & sinker

For those who are late to class "phishing" is the use of fraudulent (but plausible looking) emails and websites which try to persuade the gullible to hand over their bank or credit card details to criminals.� Here we briefly explain how to recognise the phishing attempts and you need to be doing to prevent them getting to you.

2 Sep 2013 • 504 views

CJSM - Article

Why has my CJSM E-mail bounced back?

If you send an E-mail to someone else using the CJSM service and the message "bounces-back" it can be difficult to work out why the message has come back. We explain what to look for in the bounce-back message and what needs to be done to get your message through.

8 Feb 2013 • 504 views

What to do if CTS E-mail isn't being automatically forwarded to your personal account

If you have E-mail automatically forwarded from your CTS account to your personal E-mail account and messages do not appear to be being forwarded there are a few things you can check before getting in contact with us.

7 Nov 2012 • 504 views

How to configure Chambers Technology Support E-mail for use with Mac Mail (Imap)

Setting up Mac Mail with Chambers Technology Support is very straightforwards and only takes a few minutes. Here we explain how to do it.

12 Oct 2012 • 504 views

Pink Ribbon and USB Drive - Article

What are the attachment size limits for our E-mail?

All E-mail systems place a limit on the total size of the items attached to a single message.  These limits will vary depending on the E-mail system and how it has been configured by its administrators/providers.  Here we explain more about attachment limits and what to do if you are encountering such problems.

23 Sep 2012 • 504 views

Woman Holding iPad Mini - Article

How to set up an iPhone/iPad with Chambers Technology Support E-mail

Setting up your iPhone or iPad with CTS E-mail is very straightforward and only takes a few minutes. This short article takes you through the process step by step and includes a link to an article where you can also set a passcode to protect your device and your E-mail.

20 Sep 2012 • 504 views

Woman Holding iPad Mini - Article

I am not receiving E-mail on my phone or tablet - what should I do?

If E-mail to your smartphone has stopped or is only working intermittently there are a few basic checks you can easily do yourself.

11 Sep 2012 • 504 views

Keyboard Do Not Panic - Article

My email address is being used to send out spam, what should I do?

Getting an avalanche of "undeliverable" Email messages from strangers may give the impression that your E-mail account or the E-mail system has been "hacked".  Often this isn't the case and here we explain a bit more about what is going on and how we deal with such problems.

10 Apr 2012 • 504 views