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Do I need an antivirus app for my iPhone or iPad?

The prevasive mantra of an antivirus application on everything suggests you would also need an antivirus app on your iPhone or iPad - but do you?  In this brief article we look at this topic, suggest some other articles to read and offer our own view (you don't need it in most cases).

16 Aug 2018 • 481 views

Microsoft Windows - Article

How to check your Windows PC is up to date

Ensuring your Windows PC is kept up to date with the latest security fixes and features is a vital task helping to protect your computer from viruses, malicious software and hackers.  Checking that it is up to date, only takes a few moments and here we show you how.

19 Jun 2017 • 481 views

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WannaCrypt Ransomware

You will be undoubtedly aware of the large scale infection of many high profile organisations with a ransomware virus known as WannaCrypt. Ransomware encrypts your files (primarily document files) and then demands a fee for the decryption code. No matter what kind of computer (PC or Mac) or device you are using it is important you are aware of this issue and what you need to be doing.

15 May 2017 • 481 views

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Beefing up your Chambers Technology Support Email Security

Access to your Chambers Technology Support Email is secured by a logon ID and a password but ID's are easy to guess and there are various ways your password could be found out so to deal with possibility, an additional layer of security can be added to your Email account.  Here we explain what this is, why it is needed and how you can get started using it.

27 Jan 2017 • 481 views

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I am looking for a free virus checker for my Windows PC or Mac, what would you suggest?

No virus checker?  Oh dear, you are inviting trouble especially as there are plenty of free and perfectly good virus checkers out there for your PC or Mac.  Here we highlight three we regularly recommend and look briefly at the pro's and con's against the paid versions.

7 Jun 2016 • 481 views

Networkmen - Article

What Is a Firewall and What Does It Do?

A firewall is an essential ingredient in the recipe for successful information security but what actually is a firewall, what does it do and how?

23 Feb 2016 • 481 views

Keyboard, Coding, Hands - Article

Keeping One Step Ahead of the Next Threat

One in three people don't set a password on their phone.  We know you of course have a password on your phone but just in case keeping yourself one step ahead of the next threat or avoiding those currently doing the rounds is all about these few common sense precautions.

11 Feb 2016 • 481 views

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Beware of the Man in the Middle

"Man in the Middle" attacks are on the rise with fraudsters making a B line straight to your financial staff.  Have you got measures in place to defend against this type of fraud?

14 Jan 2016 • 481 views

CJSM - Article

CJSM Terms & Conditions

Whatever you use CJSM for you are bound by it's terms and conditions but have you actually read them? Do you know what your responsibilities and obligations are?  Not sure? Here you can find links to the Terms & Conditions and we have also highlighted a few things of particular importance.

12 Nov 2015 • 481 views

How can I keep my data safe?

Keeping your data safe is not only important personally (you don't want to lose your precious photos).  If you are dealing with confidential case information you have a duty to safeguard this data.

23 Jan 2015 • 481 views

How to encrypt your Windows PC using TrueCrypt (Video)

A Windows log on password can easily be removed if your computer is lost or stolen so the best way to protect the information it contains is to encrypt its hard drive.

12 Nov 2012 • 481 views

How to encrypt your Windows PC using TrueCrypt (Step by Step)

A Windows log on password can easily be removed if your computer is lost or stolen so the best way to protect the information it contains is to encrypt its hard drive.

10 Nov 2012 • 481 views

How do I dispose of my computer equipment?

At some point, the "modern PC" you bought a few years ago gets pushed aside when a shiny faster new replacement is bought. So what do you do with your old kit? Here we highlight a few options and some things should consider before sending it off the IT graveyard.

6 Nov 2012 • 481 views

How to secure your Blackberry

To properly secure your Blackberry you need to set a strong password and choose to encrypt the device.

24 Oct 2012 • 481 views

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How to secure your iPhone or iPad

We cannot empahsise strongly enough how important it is that you set a good passcode on your iPhone or iPad - more than just simply 4 digits (though this is better than no passcode at all).  Here we show you how to set a good passcode and also configure your device to erase itself should too many attempts be made.

23 Mar 2012 • 481 views