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10 Things You Absolutely Must Do With Your New Apple Mac

Got a new Apple Mac?  Then here are 10 quick and easy things we think you absolutely must do.  Whether it is setting a good password or taking the amazing speech recognition for a spin, these top tips will help you get the most from your Mac.

27 Jan 2018 • 505 views

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Apple Mac Safari Browser doesn't show pages correctly or says web site unavailable

An issue was encountered where the Safari Browser on an Apple Mac would not properly display pages from web sites (e.g. images were missing) or it occasionally reported the site wasn't available.  This problem was resolved by clearing the accepted certificates cache.

12 May 2016 • 505 views

Keyboard, Coding, Hands - Article

Security Alert - Apple ID Phishing Text Message

In a new variation on the phishing scam, you may receive a text message, claiming to be from Apple Support, with your name and advising that your Apple ID has been deactivated and that you need to confirm the ID to prevent deletion.

11 Apr 2016 • 505 views

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How to speed up your Safari browser

Safari is the standard Web browser for Mac computers systems and is also available for Windows PCs. To keep your browser running smoothly we have put together a few hints and tips.

2 Sep 2015 • 505 views

Free Dictation using your PC or Mac

Dictation has been an essential tool for many professionals looking to turn their thoughts into text and saving their fingers all that work. The power of modern devices means you are probably already carrying around a dictation application in your pocket already but did you know that your computer also includes a free dictation system that lets you talk and it will type? Here were introduce you to three free dictation applications.

6 Aug 2015 • 505 views

Networkmen - Article

A guided tour of your computer ports

Just take a look at the back of your desktop computer or around the sides of your laptop and you will find a bewildering selection of holes and slots usually accompanied by strange symbols and heiroglyphics next to each.  What each of these is for can often be a mystery so here we are going to provide you with a crash course in what each of these little holes is used for and who knows, possibly open up a whole range for how you use your computer.

3 Feb 2015 • 505 views

Buyer's Guide - Laptop Computers

We are regularly asked to recommend or purchase computers and below is our standard list of laptop computers that we recommend.

24 Oct 2012 • 505 views

Buyer's Guide - Desktop Computers

We are regularly asked to recommend or purchase computers and below is our list of desktops.

24 Oct 2012 • 505 views

How to configure Chambers Technology Support E-mail for use with Mac Mail (Imap)

Setting up Mac Mail with Chambers Technology Support is very straightforwards and only takes a few minutes. Here we explain how to do it.

12 Oct 2012 • 505 views

Welcome to LiveDrive - your online backup service

As part of our support service to you, we offer an online backup service that provides a quick, secure and easy way to backup the files and folders on your Windows PC or Apple Mac. Not only that, you can access the backed up files from the web, iPhone, iPad & Android.  Find out more about this service and see if you qualify for a free account.

10 Oct 2012 • 505 views

Keyboard Do Not Panic - Article

My mouse pointer is misbehaving, what should I do?

Depending on what kind of computer you are using you may have a mouse or a trackpad to control the cursor and sometimes it may stop working or behave erratically. Here we explain a few things you can try to either resolve the problem yourself or help narrow down the cause of the problem.

8 Oct 2012 • 505 views

How to create a VPN connection to Chambers Technology Support for Mac OS X

Here we show you how to set up a VPN connection to Chambers Technology Support for Apple Mac running OS X. 

17 Sep 2012 • 505 views

Article - Hard Drive Platter and Mechanism

Encrypting your computer

It is strongly recommended that you have your computer encrypted to keep the contents secure in the event that it is lost or stolen and here we explain what your options are.

27 Feb 2012 • 505 views