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Business Link - Article

What is Blockchain?

With headlines often dominated by Bitcoins, it is Blockchain that is where the real interest and potential is but what is Blockchain? Here we offer a very general explaination of what Blockchain is, why it is important and how it might be used.

30 Mar 2016 • 585 views

Keyboard, Coding, Hands - Article

Best of the Web - March 2016

What kind of dog are you?  What is new in the world of Smart Toilets?  Each month we bring you a selection of articles from across the web which we think you will find useful or if nothing else help while a way a few minutes whilst you are waiting for the kettle to boil.

3 Feb 2016 • 585 views

Networkmen - Article

A guided tour of your computer ports

Just take a look at the back of your desktop computer or around the sides of your laptop and you will find a bewildering selection of holes and slots usually accompanied by strange symbols and heiroglyphics next to each.  What each of these is for can often be a mystery so here we are going to provide you with a crash course in what each of these little holes is used for and who knows, possibly open up a whole range for how you use your computer.

3 Feb 2015 • 585 views

How can I keep my data safe?

Keeping your data safe is not only important personally (you don't want to lose your precious photos).  If you are dealing with confidential case information you have a duty to safeguard this data.

23 Jan 2015 • 585 views

Placeholder - Article

I have some CDs/DVDs that need to be copied, can you help?

With material in legal matters increasingly being passed around in electronic form, CDs and DVDs are often used to store the material and you may find you need to make additional copies for yourself or other parties.  This short article explains how we can help.

25 Jun 2014 • 585 views

How to add a second screen to your computer

Using two screens on your computer, whether it is a desktop or a laptop can make your working more far more productive as you can more easily transfer information from one application to another and do several things at the same time.  In this short article we outline the options to adding a second screen and how much it will cost.

12 Feb 2014 • 585 views

Webmail or another website looks strange or only the light version of webmail now available

If your Internet Explorer browser has updated itself to version 11, this forces Exchange 2010 webmail to display in the 'light' version with less options and other websites to display strangely. 

2 Jan 2014 • 585 views

A Web Site looks odd or is not responding how it used to

More recent versions of Internet Explorer can cause problems displaying websites created for older versions of the brwoser.  An example is if you are still using Microsoft Exchange 2003 Webmail but many other websites can including Inquisita Law also exhibit strange effects (eg. font changes, tables out of alignment, video not displaying, etc). Here we show you how to quickly correct this problem.

19 Aug 2013 • 585 views

How to clear Internet Explorer Temporary Files

Occasionally there is a problem with the browser that needs the temporary files clearing (including problems logging onto certain websites).

9 Aug 2013 • 585 views

Networkmen - Article

VPN connection issues for Virgin Media Superhub users

If your broadband is provided by Virgin and they have given you nice shiny SuperHub to use, you may find that your remote access connection (VPN) stops working all of a sudden.  Not to worry, it only takes a few minutes to sort out and we show you how.

9 Aug 2013 • 585 views

Making your work area a comfortable place to use your computer

Whether you are working in the office or at home, it is essential that your working environment allows you to work comfortably and efficiently and is not going to be the cause of any long-term physical damage to you. Here we look at a few things you can easily do to make your work area a comfortable and safe place to use.

8 Jan 2013 • 585 views

Random things are happening when using my computer, what should I do?

If when you are using your computer random letters are appearing that you did not press or items are selected without you choosing anything this usually indicates a problem with your keyboard or your trackpad (for laptops). 

30 Dec 2012 • 585 views

How do I dispose of my computer equipment?

At some point, the "modern PC" you bought a few years ago gets pushed aside when a shiny faster new replacement is bought. So what do you do with your old kit? Here we highlight a few options and some things should consider before sending it off the IT graveyard.

6 Nov 2012 • 585 views

My home Internet connection seems to be unreliable, what should I check?

If you have encountering problems with the reliabilty or performance of your home Internet connection there are a few simple steps you can follow to work out where the problem is before you need to call your service provider.

21 Sep 2012 • 585 views

Businessman Figure on Circuit-board - Article

Jargon Buster

Baffled by the bewildering technical jargon that seems to crop up whenever anyone talks about computers? Here we set out to try and explain what all these terms, acronyms and concepts mean in plain English.

8 Sep 2012 • 585 views

Buyers Guide - Article

Buyer's Guide - Cheap Computers

When looking to replace a computer you don't always need break the bank. There are plenty of good quality cheaper and 2nd user computers available that will do the job just as well.  Here we show you a few places to go to for cheaper computers.

11 Apr 2012 • 585 views

Buyer's Guide - Laptops, Netbooks or Tablet?

If you are thinking about buying a new laptop computer it can be difficult to know where to start. This short guide will help you pick your way through the various options available and ensure you get the right device for you.

10 Apr 2012 • 585 views