Microsoft Windows - Article

How to check your Windows PC is up to date

Ensuring your Windows PC is kept up to date with the latest security fixes and features is a vital task helping to protect your computer from viruses, malicious software and hackers.  Checking that it is up to date, only takes a few moments and here we show you how.

19 Jun 2017 • 1072 views

Article - Antivirus

How to check your AVG AntiVirus is up to date

Your antivirus application is a vital component in protecting your computer and your information from hackers, viruses and malicious software.  For Windows PCs we will typically recommend AVG and here we show you how you can quickly check that your AVG AntiVirus is up to date.

19 Jun 2017 • 1072 views

Article - Antivirus

WannaCrypt Ransomware

You will be undoubtedly aware of the large scale infection of many high profile organisations with a ransomware virus known as WannaCrypt. Ransomware encrypts your files (primarily document files) and then demands a fee for the decryption code. No matter what kind of computer (PC or Mac) or device you are using it is important you are aware of this issue and what you need to be doing.

15 May 2017 • 1072 views

Security - Article

Beefing up your Chambers Technology Support Email Security

Access to your Chambers Technology Support Email is secured by a logon ID and a password but ID's are easy to guess and there are various ways your password could be found out so to deal with possibility, an additional layer of security can be added to your Email account.  Here we explain what this is, why it is needed and how you can get started using it.

27 Jan 2017 • 1072 views

Keyboard Do Not Panic - Article

Beware of the fake sign-in websites

Increasingly individuals are being encouraged, usually through an Email or SMS, to sign into a commonly used service (for example their Apple or Google accounts) and the login page is a fake. If you enter your details you will find your account has been compromised as your logon details are passed on to someone else. Here we explain about this kind of attack, what to do to avoid it and what to do if you have fallen victim to it.

5 Aug 2016 • 1072 views

Security - Article

Security Alert - Fake Microsoft Sign-In message

You may receive an Email, claiming to be from Microsoft, advising that there has been an unusual signin to your Microsoft account.  This fake message, based on a genuine notification from Microsoft, by its nature encourages you to check this activity but in doing so it directs you to a fake site to log in to your Microsoft account.

12 Jul 2016 • 1072 views

Article - Antivirus

I am looking for a free virus checker for my Windows PC or Mac, what would you suggest?

No virus checker?  Oh dear, you are inviting trouble especially as there are plenty of free and perfectly good virus checkers out there for your PC or Mac.  Here we highlight three we regularly recommend and look briefly at the pro's and con's against the paid versions.

7 Jun 2016 • 1072 views

Keyboard, Coding, Hands - Article

Security Alert - Apple ID Phishing Text Message

In a new variation on the phishing scam, you may receive a text message, claiming to be from Apple Support, with your name and advising that your Apple ID has been deactivated and that you need to confirm the ID to prevent deletion.

11 Apr 2016 • 1072 views

Business Link - Article

What is Blockchain?

With headlines often dominated by Bitcoins, it is Blockchain that is where the real interest and potential is but what is Blockchain? Here we offer a very general explaination of what Blockchain is, why it is important and how it might be used.

30 Mar 2016 • 1072 views

Networkmen - Article

What Is a Firewall and What Does It Do?

A firewall is an essential ingredient in the recipe for successful information security but what actually is a firewall, what does it do and how?

23 Feb 2016 • 1072 views

Security - Article

Beware of the Man in the Middle

"Man in the Middle" attacks are on the rise with fraudsters making a B line straight to your financial staff.  Have you got measures in place to defend against this type of fraud?

14 Jan 2016 • 1072 views

Using Windows XP? You like living dangerously!

It’s time to say goodbye, Windows XP was a great operating system and if you’re still working away with no problems we can understand why you wouldn’t think to change.  However, think again, in April Microsoft officially ended support for its aging operating system that is more than a decade old and with the rate that technology evolves that make it’s obsolete.  

24 Jun 2015 • 1072 views

How can I keep my data safe?

Keeping your data safe is not only important personally (you don't want to lose your precious photos).  If you are dealing with confidential case information you have a duty to safeguard this data.

23 Jan 2015 • 1072 views

What to do if your PGP encrypted PC stops at "bootguard"

If your PC is hard drive encrypted using PGP you may occasionally find it fails to start correctly and stops with "bootguard" showing on the screen.  This may indicate a fault with the PC's hard drive however in most cases we have found that starting the PC from the PGP Recovery Disc fixes the problem and here we explain how.

7 Jan 2015 • 1072 views

Security - Article

How to spot fake E-mail messages

Those keen to get you to divulge your personal/financial information are always looking for new ways to get you reading and responding to their E-mails. Spam filters do a great job and will block the majority of spam and fake messages but inevitably some still gets through. Here we explain some of the things to look for to help you spot the fake messages from the genuine.

15 Jul 2014 • 1072 views

Emails with ZIP file attachments keep getting quarantined

The CTS message filtering/security system has been configured so that all E-mails with ZIP files attached are quarantined - i.e. they are held within the spam filtering system and not delivered to your mailbox.

26 Feb 2014 • 1072 views

Security - Article

Someone saying they were from Microsoft/Apple called me at home

Fraudsters are constantly looking for new ways to get you to part with your money and one common trick is to call claiming to be from Microsoft or Apple and to help you fix a "problem" on your computer.  Find out more about they are up to and how to avoid being caught out.

12 Feb 2014 • 1072 views

Security - Article

I have received a .switch file attachment, how do I open it?

Received an Email with a .switch file attachment but your computer can't open it?  Switch is a secure Email service and there are a couple of options for working with these attachments.

11 Oct 2013 • 1072 views

CJSM - Article

Why has my CJSM E-mail bounced back?

If you send an E-mail to someone else using the CJSM service and the message "bounces-back" it can be difficult to work out why the message has come back. We explain what to look for in the bounce-back message and what needs to be done to get your message through.

8 Feb 2013 • 1072 views

How to encrypt your Windows PC using TrueCrypt (Video)

A Windows log on password can easily be removed if your computer is lost or stolen so the best way to protect the information it contains is to encrypt its hard drive.

12 Nov 2012 • 1072 views

How to encrypt your Windows PC using TrueCrypt (Step by Step)

A Windows log on password can easily be removed if your computer is lost or stolen so the best way to protect the information it contains is to encrypt its hard drive.

10 Nov 2012 • 1072 views

How to secure your Blackberry

To properly secure your Blackberry you need to set a strong password and choose to encrypt the device.

24 Oct 2012 • 1072 views

Welcome to LiveDrive - your online backup service

As part of our support service to you, we offer an online backup service that provides a quick, secure and easy way to backup the files and folders on your Windows PC or Apple Mac. Not only that, you can access the backed up files from the web, iPhone, iPad & Android.  Find out more about this service and see if you qualify for a free account.

10 Oct 2012 • 1072 views

My computer has been stolen/lost. What should I do?!

A note outlining from an IT perspective some steps to take if your computer goes missing.

12 Sep 2012 • 1072 views

Security - Article

The Good Password Guide

Choosing good passwords is vital, ultimately they are what identifies you as you and they protect your information.  Here we provide you with guidance on how to choose and keep secret "good" passwords.

10 Sep 2012 • 1072 views

My encrypted PC won't start up

11 Apr 2012 • 1072 views

Keyboard Do Not Panic - Article

My email address is being used to send out spam, what should I do?

Getting an avalanche of "undeliverable" Email messages from strangers may give the impression that your E-mail account or the E-mail system has been "hacked".  Often this isn't the case and here we explain a bit more about what is going on and how we deal with such problems.

10 Apr 2012 • 1072 views

Article - Hard Drive Platter and Mechanism

Encrypting your computer

It is strongly recommended that you have your computer encrypted to keep the contents secure in the event that it is lost or stolen and here we explain what your options are.

27 Feb 2012 • 1072 views