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Security - Article

Do I need an antivirus app for my iPhone or iPad?

The prevasive mantra of an antivirus application on everything suggests you would also need an antivirus app on your iPhone or iPad - but do you?  In this brief article we look at this topic, suggest some other articles to read and offer our own view (you don't need it in most cases).

16 Aug 2018 • 506 views

Keyboard, Coding, Hands - Article

Keeping One Step Ahead of the Next Threat

One in three people don't set a password on their phone.  We know you of course have a password on your phone but just in case keeping yourself one step ahead of the next threat or avoiding those currently doing the rounds is all about these few common sense precautions.

11 Feb 2016 • 506 views

How to switch the Samsung Galaxy Tab Master Sync on or off

If you experience difficulty receiving new Email on your Samsung Galaxy device it may have its Master Sync switched off.  In this article we show you how to check whether or not Master Sync is switched off and how to switch it back on again.

27 Jul 2015 • 506 views

Businessman Figure on Circuit-board - Article

Must have applications for Legal Practitioners

The number of apps available for busy Barristers is growing with practitioners looking to become more efficient. We take a look at a few of the best legal applications currently available from the Android Play and Apple Stores, covering virtual secretaries to legal libraries.

22 Jul 2015 • 506 views

How to secure your Blackberry

To properly secure your Blackberry you need to set a strong password and choose to encrypt the device.

24 Oct 2012 • 506 views

Woman Holding iPad Mini - Article

How to set up an iPhone/iPad with Chambers Technology Support E-mail

Setting up your iPhone or iPad with CTS E-mail is very straightforward and only takes a few minutes. This short article takes you through the process step by step and includes a link to an article where you can also set a passcode to protect your device and your E-mail.

20 Sep 2012 • 506 views

Woman Holding iPad Mini - Article

I am not receiving E-mail on my phone or tablet - what should I do?

If E-mail to your smartphone has stopped or is only working intermittently there are a few basic checks you can easily do yourself.

11 Sep 2012 • 506 views

How to set up Chambers Technology Support E-mail for the Samsung Galaxy S3

Setting up your Samsung Galaxy S3 with CTS E-mail is very straightforwards and only takes a few minutes.

11 Sep 2012 • 506 views

Security - Article

How to secure your iPhone or iPad

We cannot empahsise strongly enough how important it is that you set a good passcode on your iPhone or iPad - more than just simply 4 digits (though this is better than no passcode at all).  Here we show you how to set a good passcode and also configure your device to erase itself should too many attempts be made.

23 Mar 2012 • 506 views