CJSM - Article

What you need to know about the new CJSM Webmail service

CJSM are introducing a new version of the Webmail service which provides a number of welcome improvements.  For those using the Webmail service we have put together a short article to explain what's new, what hasn't changed and any common questions and answers.  Even if you use CJSM through your own Email application it may well be worth a read as you can use Webmail in combination with your existing set up.

Microsoft Windows - Article

Microsoft Office 365 Subscriptions Explained

We organise various different Office 365 services for our clients and it can be confusing to know what each offers, the differences between them and the costs.  Here we briefly set out to answer just those questions!

How to check your AVG AntiVirus is up to date

Your antivirus application is a vital component in protecting your computer and your information from hackers, viruses and malicious software.  For Windows PCs we will typically recommend AVG and here we show you how you can quickly check that your AVG AntiVirus is up to date.

How to check your Windows PC is up to date

Ensuring your Windows PC is kept up to date with the latest security fixes and features is a vital task helping to protect your computer from viruses, malicious software and hackers.  Checking that it is up to date, only takes a few moments and here we show you how.

How to free up space on your Windows 10 PC

If your Windows 10 PC is telling you that it is running low on space then here we show a quick way to remove the various temporary files and previous versions of Windows that are probably taking up a fair bit of that storage space.

WannaCrypt Ransomware

You will be undoubtedly aware of the large scale infection of many high profile organisations with a ransomware virus known as WannaCrypt. Ransomware encrypts your files (primarily document files) and then demands a fee for the decryption code. No matter what kind of computer (PC or Mac) or device you are using it is important you are aware of this issue and what you need to be doing.


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